Pastor James & Ebony Whitfield,

Senior Pastors

Pastor James Whitfield, now Senior Pastor of Gospel Truth Ministries International, was called to the ministry in 2004. On January 5, 2005, Pastor James received Jesus Christ into his life and was sealed and filled with his precious Holy Spirit. Since that day of rebirth, God has opened many doors for this young man of God. At the age of the 22, he became the Youth Minister at Gospel Truth Ministries, where his father was the Senior Pastor. He was also chosen to be the Youth Pastor for the International Pentecostal Association of Churches (IPAC). From that early point in the ministry, many recognized the call on his life. Immediately he began to preach the Gospel with power, clarity, and soundness of doctrine. At the age of 23, God blessed Pastor James with a helpmeet. Pastor James married Ebony Lee, who works so diligently and faithfully by his side. They have three beautiful children together. 
            Pastor James Whitfield was ordained as a minister and the Assistant Pastor of Gospel Truth Ministries under the Leadership of Pastor Willie Whitfield by the honorable Apostle Eric N. Miller on August 30, 2008. In 2010, he was elevated to the office of the pastor, and was later installed as Senior Pastor of Gospel Truth Ministries International on January 6th, 2013.
            Along with his spiritual achievements, Pastor James also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing; and is also a state certified Math teacher at Fort Lauderdale High School, where he coaches football. He is also the co-founder of Hope For The Future Christian Academy. He now attends Liberty University where he is studying to receive his Master’s of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries.
            Pastor James operates in many capacities as well as in the spiritual gifts. Needless to say, Pastor James is not only a Man of God, but a Great Husband, Proud Father, Musician, Brother, Friend, Preacher, and most of all a man of integrity. He is a firm believer in living Christ-like for his family, community, and for those that are lost so that they all can experience the genuineness of God’s love.

Bishop Willie Whitfield,


In 1999, Gospel Truth Ministries started out as a family bible study. After starting with only three people, other family members begin to participate and join the bible study. It grew to about 20 members and in September of 2000 the family bible study joined Shekinah international worship center. Needless to say, the merging of bible study and Shekinah International became a learning curve for Bishop Whitfield and Gospel Truth Ministries. Bishop Whitfield and Gospel Truth Ministries remained with Shekinah International until 2001.    
On January 5, 2002 Gospel Truth Ministries was launched as a full functioning ministry. After GTM was incorporated in January of 2002, the members elected Bishop Whitfield to become senior pastor. Gospel Truth Ministries International, formerly known as Gospel Truth Ministries, started out holding services twice a month. The ministry's first worship service was held January 12th, 2002.  After a few months we began having services every Sunday due to the growth of the ministry.

In January of 2010, the ministry was released to Pastor James Whitfield, son of Bishop Willie J. Whitfield. Today, under the dynamic leadership of Pastor James and his wife, Elect Lady Ebony Whitfield, GTMI strives to build the body of Christ through fellowship, unity, the word of god, and by equipping and empowering every believer to exercise their gifts and talents so that God may  be lifted up.

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